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Wooden power bank

Material : Wooden
Size : 125 x 66
Packing: OPP/Box

產品編號 EL3073 Category

Wooden power supply, the call from nature, restore the essence of simple beauty
Slim and lightweight, convenient travel!Using raw wood, feel the gentleness and thinness of wood, bringing you a healthier and brisker lifestyle.
The arc design fits the palm of the hand, the hand is more comfortable, the wood craft is gentle and delicate, exuding a natural taste to add a more delicate to your life.
Ingenuity design, log style, handmade, retro style, a new interpretation of natural design language.
Let everything return to nature and let the mind be freed.
The 5000mAh large-capacity battery has a long-lasting battery life and is also worry-free when traveling.
Whether you’re on the go or in your daily life, you can always have a reserve of energy for your equipment.
Wooden power bank is a must-have choice in your life and the best choice for business gifts.
Choose a wooden power bank, choose a combination of quality and nature!!
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