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Year of the Rabbit Business Souvenir Gift Set

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The overall gift box is based on the shape of the rabbit mascot, symbolizing the blessing of the jade rabbit, peace and joy, with bookmarks, USB, key chains, notebooks, thermos cups and other products can be arbitrarily combined, with high-end gift boxes, easy to create exclusive souvenirs, especially suitable as corporate gifts, welfare gifts, high-end business gifts, gifts to employees or customers.
Metal material, dual-purpose, delicate texture, no paint, fine carving, 3D three-dimensional relief
Clip photos, clip sticky notes, convenient and free, switch to a keychain hanging bag belt, small and fashionable
Exquisite USB flash drive
It adopts black gel packaging technology, waterproof and shockproof, safe and reliable, compressive and high temperature resistance, etc
Exquisite and compact, using imported A+ level chips, high-speed storage, safe and secure
Compatible with 16G, 32G, and 64G memory options for computers/mobile phones (converters required)/cars
It is designed with a Chinese-style hairpin, which is elegant and retro beautiful
When reading a book, it is easy to access the marker, so that you can record your reading at any time
Signature pen
Thread structure, precision combination technology, copper and wood pen fully consider the ergonomic modeling
And the appropriate weight, so that it is not easy to cause pressure between the fingers under long-term writing, and the ballball refill is written smoothly without jamming
Leather cover, Lucky Rabbit buckle design, protect privacy, delicate stitching edging design, strong and durable
With a card slot, you can put card change, etc., with a calendar to note
With work schedule, holiday time, etc., with a pen buckle, you can insert a signature pen
Detachable structure, easy to take and add paper, humanized design
Thermos mug
Portable silicone rope, easy to take, easy to carry, with rose gold cup lid, fashionable and beautiful
Pure 304 stainless steel one-piece seamless liner, safe and easy to clean, good thermal insulation effect
The appearance is delicate and simple, smooth and delicate, the size is moderate, the capacity is just right, and it can be used for office and outdoor use
Stainless steel core, leak-proof silicone ring, stainless steel tea filter for easy tea drinking
The mouth of the cup is round and smooth, safe to drink, and the bottom is concave design, non-slip and wear-resistant
Mobile phone holder
Smooth and round, small and exquisite, the position of the card slot can also be placed as a pen holder, which is convenient and practical