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Zippered leather folders

Material : PU
Dimensions : 325 x 255 x 15
Packaging : OPP

產品編號 ST3308 Category Tag

Zipper storage leather folders, humanized and intimate design, help you solve all problems!

Built-in multi-functional storage bag, a variety of sections are clearly separated. The large side pockets are equipped with two types of data bags for different documents, and the data bag can be used to store A4 size documents, such as contracts/certification materials.

Multi-purpose card slot, exquisite car line card slot, convenient to carry business cards, ID cards, bank cards, etc. High-quality note book, pluggable note position, the design of the slot is very consistent with the placement of note paper, can be replaced after use, and the humanized pen with insert design, easy to carry and not easy to choose the signature pen.

The use of high-quality leather cover, special exquisite texture, delicate and smooth feel, high-value innovative design, taste style is the best choice for corporate gifts!

Printing patterns can be customized on the surface, as event gifts or corporate gifts, to give customers a different writing experience, and good gifts to find a professional gift customization company.

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