A great helper to boost your productivity! Explore the essentials of your office

In the modern fast-paced work environment, improving work efficiency has become the pursuit of every professional. In order to better cope with the challenges of work, we need to find some practical office items to improve our productivity. So let’s take you to explore the convenient and practical office assistant by the Times Gifts!

Sticky notes: Memos everywhere in the office

As a common gadget in the office, note paper provides us with great convenience and is our first choice to improve work efficiency. Sticky notes have excellent portability and ease of use, and the characteristics of sticking on the go have become a good companion for our daily office. We can put the note paper on the table, stick it on the wall or put it in a folder, and record important matters and meetings at any time, and no longer have to worry about forgetting the content of the work, which greatly improves the efficiency of the work.

In addition, sticky notes can also help us organize our work and improve our time management skills. By separating the note paper into different colors and classifications, we can better manage and arrange our work tasks, such as urgent, prioritized, or to-do items. In this way, we can quickly distinguish and identify different tasks and organize our working hours more efficiently.


Features: Available in various sizes and shapes, such as rectangular, square, or round. You can choose the right size and shape according to your needs.


Features: Colorful, easy to identify, can be used as a memo or to distinguish work content. With an adhesive back, it can be easily attached to a variety of surfaces, such as desktops, folders, or books. It is sticky and can be reused many times.

Multi-function stylus: a must-have office item for the new era

Nowadays, touch screen electronic products are prevalent and have become an indispensable part of the modern office, and the multi-functional stylus has come into being, becoming a must-have helper for our office. The soft silicone nib allows precise control of the screen, the high-quality ballpoint pen refill writes smoothly, and the multi-functional stylus includes two functions, which greatly saves time and improves work efficiency. It’s made with high-quality materials and offers a great writing and touch experience. Whether you’re writing on paper or swiping on an electronic device, you’ll get smooth and precise operation. The fashionable, convenient and practical multi-functional stylus has become a must-have office stationery for contemporary workplace elites


Features: Spray glue pen body, delicate feel, moderate thickness of pen barrel, comfortable grip, automatic rebound lifting, automatic rebound of the withdrawal part, ballpoint pen tip and touch screen pen tip switch between each other

推薦禮品:USB 觸控筆

Features: Set office pen, stylus and U disk in one, easy to use, to meet your various needs; quality choice, the use of metal pen barrel, comfortable to hold the pen, metal texture full of noble feel comfortable, just the right thickness, long-term writing is not tired.

Rechargeable mouse pad: innovative technology, a good helper for work

In the past, we often needed to use a mouse pad and a charger, but now with a rechargeable mouse pad, we can meet the needs of charging and using the mouse at the same time. Simply place your phone or mouse on a charging mouse pad and it will charge automatically without plugging in a charging cable or replacing batteries. Not only is this convenient, but it also saves space on your desk and makes the work environment tidier. A clean desk can make the idea clearer, improve the high-quality office experience, and make us work more worry-free.


Features: Selected high-quality PU leather, imitation suit cloth design is both business and fresh, making your desktop more tasteful. Enjoy the convenience of wireless charging, make your work more efficient and life more comfortable!

These office helpers are not only functional, but also productive and comfortable. Whether it’s signing, drawing, organizing work or daily life, these good office helpers can play an important role. They not only meet the demands of our work, but also add taste and comfort to our work environment. With these helpers, we can get the job done more efficiently, and the work process is more enjoyable and easy.

These office items are also ideal as corporate gifts or corporate giveaways. By giving away these practical office supplies, you can not only improve the work efficiency of employees, but also show the company’s care and attention to employees. Whether it’s as a gift for a company’s annual meeting, a promotional gift, or a corporate giveaway, these office helpers are a practical and popular gift option to help employees get the job done better.