Convey love with heart and customize exclusive romantic valentine’s holiday gifts for TA!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s a romantic moment that every couple looks forward to. On this special day, we all want to be able to express our deep love for our loved ones with a special gift. Not only lovers, but also enterprises should take this holiday to give holiday gifts to employees to express their love, and become a “happy enterprise” in the minds of employees!

When choosing gifts, we hope to be able to customize a unique gift for TA and send surprise gifts on special holidays, so that it can become the sustenance of our hearts and convey our sincere emotions.

The origin of Valentine’s Day!

There are many theories about the origin of Valentine’s Day , the most famous of which is that in the 3rd century, the Roman Emperor Claudius II, in order to strengthen the army to solve the crisis of the empire, ordered all single male Roman citizens to join the army and not to marry. Ignoring the ban and secretly witnessing the marriage, Catholic priest Valentine was arrested by soldiers and hanged on February 14, 269.

But in any case, Valentine’s Day represents the beauty of love and a symbol of romance. Therefore, on this special day, we don’t just choose a gift for TA, but put our hearts and blessings into it. When Valentine’s Day was first popular, it was an opportunity for couples to show their love, but with the development of society, many companies will also take this opportunity to give some small gifts to employees to take the opportunity to show the image of the company.

As early as 2019, as a leading enterprise in the domestic leasing industry, China Leasing Dihe Company took the lead in setting an example by giving all employees brand-name chocolates and bouquets on Valentine’s Day. I hope that employees will work hard for the company’s performance, and don’t leave out the other half.

But when choosing gifts, we should also be particular, we have to consider the message of love and blessings to be conveyed and there are innovative holiday gifts, and then I will introduce you to a few Valentine’s Day gifts, hoping to convey our romantic blessings to the recipient!

Valentine’s Day rose-shaped towel

Size: 20*20cm
Color: Red/Pink/Purple/Blue/Rose/Yellow
Package: OPP

A beautiful rose-shaped towel that not only adds a romantic touch to your Valentine’s Day, but is also functional.

When asked about Valentine’s Day gifts, the top choices are chocolates and roses, which are traditional Valentine’s Day gifts and are very popular. However, the traditional flowers have a short flowering period and are difficult to shelf, and many of them wither a few days after the festival, so they can only be discarded painfully and cause waste. The rose-shaped towel is made of high-quality towel materials, which are soft and comfortable and delicate to the touch. Meticulously designed and crafted, each towel takes on the shape of a delicate rose petal, like a blooming flower. Enduring can better represent long-term love and good wishes!

Cake towel

Size:20-20cm2 strips
Color: Pink/Blue/Green/Red/Yellow/Purple/White
Material: Cotton
Packing: Boxed

Inspired by love cakes, the design is beautiful, unique and eye-catching

Made with high-quality data, this towel is soft and comfortable, absorbent and suitable for daily use. Hand-folded delicate love cake shape, can even be fake, creative holiday gifts can better reflect the company’s intentions and care. The customization of the towel can be personalized according to your needs, and you can print your business logo, event name, or personal message on it to make the gift more personal and unique.

Creative 1314 stainless steel thermos mug

Material: Inner 304 outer 201 stainless steel + PC cover
Dimensions: 65 x 65 x 230
Package: color box
Creative 1314 stainless steel thermos mug, give a warmth to the people you love!

Time passes, and it is natural and tranquil. Creative 1314 stainless steel thermos mug with its graceful and round body, to bring you elegant and warm companionship.

The body of the cup is rounded to the touch, making it easy to hold in the hand. The luxurious matte lacquered finish creates a noble and elegant atmosphere. The interior is equipped with a 304 stainless steel tea drain, allowing you to enjoy the fresh tea aroma anytime and anywhere. The thickened silicone padding cup bottom not only increases the stability of the cup, but also prevents slip and protects the table top from scratches.

The most special thing is that the cup is engraved with the LOGO of 1314, which is more suitable as a Valentine’s Day gift to express deep affection to your lover. Creative 1314 stainless steel thermos mug, let the loved one feel the warm company!

Customized holiday gifts are the best choice!

Everyone has their own unique preferences and personalities, so custom-made gifts are the best choice. We can choose a gift related to TA according to their hobbies and characteristics. For example, if they like music, we can create an exclusive Valentine’s Day music CD for them, which contains our favorite songs.

If they like art, we can design an exclusive Valentine’s Day artwork for them to express our love for them with a brush. No matter what kind of gift it is, as long as we make it with our hearts, it will become a witness of our love.

The important thing is not the gift itself, no matter how good the gift is, it is only a carrier to convey love, and the real concern is the intention and care of the giver!

Convey love with heart and customize exclusive romantic Valentine’s Day gifts for TA, which is our most sincere expression of love. Let’s choose with our hearts, let our love turn into a special gift, and let them feel our deep love for them.

On this special day, let us create our own romance together, let love bloom in the light of Valentine’s Day!

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