Create a corporate image and customize exclusive corporate tableware

In today’s competitive business environment, corporate image has become crucial. In addition to putting a lot of effort into advertising, product design, etc., there is also a publicity occasion that is easy to ignore, and that is the tableware on the table. Customizing exclusive corporate tableware is a unique and effective way to promote the brand, which can highlight the professional image and unique style of the enterprise. So what aspects need to be paid attention to when ordering tableware and how to design tableware to create a corporate image? Let’s explore together to create a unique style of the enterprise, starting from the dining table!

The following aspects should be paid attention to when customizing enterprise tableware:

1. Material: Choose materials that meet food safety standards, such as food-grade stainless steel, solid wood, glass, etc. Make sure the utensils do not contain harmful substances. When selecting, you can clearly ask the merchant whether the product has passed the test standard, and check whether there is a certificate of conformity of the test standard.

2. Heat resistance: If it is used for hot food, make sure that the tableware is heat resistant and will not be deformed or release harmful substances due to high temperature. If it is used for hot food, you should avoid choosing plastic products to avoid the tableware being deformed due to high temperature, which will affect the use experience.

3. Easy to clean: Dishes should be easy to clean, not likely to leave food residues or dirt, and better off in the dishwasher.

4. Durability: Make sure the tableware has good durability and can withstand daily use and washing, and is not easy to break or discolor.

5. Safety: Ensure that the tableware meets the relevant safety standards and will not cause harm to the user. Especially for children or people with special needs, it is even more important to choose safe utensils.

How to design tableware to create a corporate image

To design tableware to create a corporate image, it is first necessary to clarify the core brand value and image positioning of the enterprise. The brand concept and style of the enterprise should run through the entire tableware design process, from the selection of materials to the design of the pattern should echo the corporate image.

For example, if a company is looking for a high-end luxury image, you can choose metal or porcelain materials with delicate patterns or reliefs to show dignity and elegance. If your business is focused on innovation and fashion, you can choose a modern design style with clean lines or abstract patterns to highlight the avant-garde artistic sense. Or the enterprise pays attention to the spirit of simplicity and hard work, you can choose a solid color simple style, focus on the practicality of tableware, and show the professional image of the enterprise and the spirit of simplicity and hard work.

Customizing exclusive corporate tableware can also become an important tool for corporate publicity and promotion

Enterprises can integrate the brand image and values of the enterprise into the products through the design and production of corporate tableware, and spread the corporate image to more people through gifts or sales. For example, enterprises can give corporate tableware as gifts to employees and customers to increase their exposure and popularity, and enterprises can also sell corporate tableware as gifts to consumers, so as to expand their market share and influence. By customizing exclusive corporate tableware, enterprises can display and promote their corporate image in the most intuitive and specific way, so as to achieve their publicity and promotion goals.

In addition, the design of tableware should also take into account the corporate culture and the needs of employees. Tableware is not only a tool to show the corporate image, but also an item used by employees every day. Therefore, when designing tableware, the aesthetic preferences and usage habits of employees should be taken into account to ensure that the tableware is not only in line with the corporate image but also in line with the actual needs. Only when the tableware is used for a long time can it bring long-term promotion benefits to the corporate brand.

Nowadays, many companies have begun to order exclusive corporate tableware to create a professional image of the company, and integrate the corporate culture and image into every part of the company. Business competition is becoming more and more fierce, enterprises use different ways to promote their brands, in order to seek to compete for a trace of market space, then customized tableware is an important way for us to achieve corner overtaking, in a unique way to achieve the effect of publicity.

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