Customized mobile phone holder becomes the best gift for your corporate publicity

As a practical and popular mobile phone accessory, the mobile phone holder is not only convenient for daily use, but also a powerful promotional tool in advertising. By customizing mobile phone holders, companies can effectively display their brand image, increase exposure, and enhance publicity effects. The following will discuss with the editor of Times Gifts how to customize a mobile phone holder to better reflect the brand image and become the best gift for corporate publicity.

How to customize a mobile phone holder can better show the brand image

Mobile phone holders have a wide range of applications, so customizing mobile phone holders to become a gift for corporate publicity is a potential choice. But in order for the phone holder to play its due publicity effect, there are some key factors that must be paid attention to.

Conspicuous LOGO

The company’s logo is the core identity element of the brand, so printing the company’s logo on the mobile phone holder is the key to promoting the company’s image. A conspicuous logo can make people recognize at a glance that it is your company’s product and increase brand exposure.

Choose the right color

Choosing the color of your phone holder should be considered to match the company’s brand color system. This maintains visual unity and enhances brand recognition. Sometimes in order to pursue the outstanding effect of the LOGO, companies blindly choose bright colors, but it will not match the overall design and style of the product, which is counterproductive. You can choose simple but not simple, harmonious but not monotonous style colors, so that the corporate brand is more prominent.

Creative design

Consider some creative design elements to make your phone holder look more attractive and unique. A unique and creative design can attract more people’s attention and make the promotion more effective with half the effort. You can choose unique shapes, cartoon shapes, or creative ways to use them to achieve this effect.

Material selection

Different material choices can also show the company’s different publicity styles, such as metal materials feel comfortable and are more suitable as business gifts with delicate gifts, plastic materials are light and portable to promote the company’s pursuit of practical concepts, and environmentally friendly kraft paper materials show the company’s concern for environmental protection. No matter what kind of material you choose, choosing a high-quality material for your phone holder is the key, which can not only improve the texture and durability of the product, but also reflect the company’s pursuit of quality.

Actively communicate with designers

Fully communicate with the designer the needs and expectations of the enterprise to ensure that the design plan is in line with the corporate image and publicity purpose. For example, provide designers with reference materials about the design and confirm the details of the design, including color, size, material, etc. On the basis of understanding the needs of enterprises, designers can provide more professional suggestions and design solutions to help enterprises achieve the best publicity effect.

Printing process selection

When customizing a mobile phone holder, it can achieve different effects according to different printing processes, which helps to highlight the brand image and attract target customers. For example:

Traditional printing: suitable for mass production and more economical. Able to display clear patterns and text on the phone holder.

Thermal transfer: It can achieve colorful patterns and image effects, rich textures and durability. Ideal for showcasing colorful designs.

Hot stamping/hot stamping: Add a sense of luxury and brand image to the phone holder by adding metallic patterns or text.

UV printing: Smooth and durable pattern printing for a wide range of materials. It can display high-quality patterns.

Overall, a custom phone holder is a perfect promotional gift option. By designing obvious LOGO logos, choosing colors that match the overall image, adding unique brand elements of the enterprise, injecting creative elements, choosing the right materials and actively communicating with the designers of the times gifts, the customized mobile phone holder can become the best gift for corporate publicity, effectively display the brand image, and attract the attention of the target audience.