Elevate your brand: the art of the TimesGift pen

At TimesGift, we understand the power of a personalized touch in the corporate world. As a leading bespoke gift making platform in Hong Kong, we specialise in high-volume bespoke gifts for businesses, schools and government agencies. Our commitment is to transform ordinary items into powerful branding tools, ranging from 100 to 10,000 or even more, to fit the grand scale of your promotional needs.

Our expertise in customised gifts
We’re not just a supplier; The process is seamless: select a product on our website, receive a custom quote, place an order, and customize the product to your specifications. We don’t just provide products, we provide information – your information.

Tradition of satisfaction
The customer base is as diverse as the products we offer. From the busy businesses in the heart of Hong Kong, to the educational institutions that shape the future, and the government agencies that keep our society running – we meet the needs of entities that seek differentiation through quality.
Focus on corporate and institutional gifting

The selection of product ranges is a testament to our focus on professional giveaway solutions, such as corporate and business gifts, advertising and promotional gifts, emphasizing our tailor-made giveaway strategy for you.

The power of promoting a product
We believe that the advertising pen is more than just a writing tool; It’s a hand-held billboard, a way to start a conversation, and a subtle and constant reminder of the value and existence of your business.

Create the perfect advertising pen
TimesGift’s range of advertising pens is all about variety and choice, ensuring that there is the perfect pen for every brand personality and message.

Bamboo advertising pen: a natural touch
Our bamboo advertising pens are a tribute to sustainability and style. They’re perfect for environmentally conscious businesses that want to show care for their customers and the planet.

Kraft paper pen: eco-friendly and fashionable
Made from eco-friendly kraft paper, these pens are perfect for brands that stand for sustainability and want their promotional items to reflect their philosophy.

The classic choice: the press-type oil-based advertising ballpoint pen
For those who value tradition and reliability, our pressed oil-based advertising ballpoint pens stand for timeless elegance and enduring value.

Creative style: Rose and candy colored advertising pen
Our rose and candy colour pens add color and fun to promotional mixes for bold and innovative brands.

Customize: Make your mark
We excel at transforming these pens into a unique representation of your brand. Engrave your logo, incorporate your brand colors, and choose the perfect packaging to create a promotional product that truly stands out.

The influence of the advertising pen
A well-crafted advertising pen is a powerful marketing tool. It’s both personal and functional, taking your brand into areas that traditional advertising can’t.

TimesGift’s commitment to quality
Your brand deserves the best, and that’s exactly what we offer. Our advertising pens are more than just writing instruments; they are a symbol of your brand’s commitment to excellence and quality.

How to order your advertising pen
Our ordering process is designed to make your path to branding as simple and efficient as possible. Our team walks you through every step of the way to ensure the results exceed your expectations.

In a world where brand differentiation has never been more important, TimesGift is ready to elevate your promotional strategy with a customized advertising pen that truly makes a mark.

Ready to write your success story? Visit TimesGift to browse our collection or contact us for a custom quote. Let us help you impress and fully showcase your brand’s quality and vision.