Folding Umbrella Customization Guide: Create a unique gift and promotional tool

In modern society, the competition of enterprises is fierce, and how to effectively enhance the brand image and exposure has become the goal pursued by many enterprises. Therefore, many companies will choose to customize some small gifts as the company’s promotional gifts to customers to increase brand exposure. Its practicability, durability, large printing space and other advantages, making the folding umbrella customized a common and effective promotional gift.

Why folding umbrellas are suitable as promotional gifts

The reason why a custom folding umbrella is suitable as a promotional gift is mainly because of its practicality and wide range of application scenarios. As a common daily necessities, folding umbrellas can not only shelter from the wind and rain on rainy days, but also become a shade tool on sunny days. The large printable space is perfect for printing logos or slogans, and by customizing folding umbrellas with brand logos or corporate designs, businesses can enhance their brand image and demonstrate their attention to quality and detail. Therefore, as a promotional gift to customers or employees, the folding umbrella can not only show the care of the enterprise, but also provide practical value for the recipient and enhance the corporate image.

What aspects need to be paid attention to when ordering a folding umbrella?

In order to achieve the best publicity effect, there are some things that need to be paid attention to when customizing a folding umbrella in order to customize a high-quality image that can promote the corporate brand:

1. Size & Size:

Determine the size and size of the folding umbrella, considering the use scenario and portability. In general, the diameter of the folding umbrella can be selected between 20 inches and 42 inches to meet different needs. In advance, you should consider the occasion where you need to use it, and choose the appropriate folding umbrella size.

2. Choice of fabric:

Choosing the fabric of the folding umbrella is crucial, and common fabrics include polyester, nylon, and polyester. Make sure to choose waterproof and wear-resistant fabrics, as the price and performance of different fabrics will vary. In addition, if you have a folding umbrella for special occasions, you can also consider using fabrics with UV protection to provide users with more protection.

3. Design & Printing Process:

The design is the highlight of the folding umbrella customization, and the design style that matches the corporate image is chosen to ensure clarity and attractiveness. Consider adding a corporate logo, slogan, or feature pattern. It is also necessary to pay attention to the color selection, whether the color of the folding umbrella matches the color of the LOGO or the printing is clear.

The printing process also needs to be paid attention to, and high-quality printing technology is selected to ensure that the pattern is bright and long-lasting. Commonly used printing processes include digital printing, screen printing, and thermal transfer.

The design of the printed pattern should match the corporate image

In order to highlight the brand image of the enterprise, the surface is often printed with the pattern or slogan related to the enterprise, and the designer should be fully communicated with the designer in the selection of patterns and slogans in order to achieve the best effect:

● Choose the right color: The color of the pattern should match the brand color of the enterprise, which can strengthen the brand image. Choosing the right color combination can attract attention and enhance the visual effect.

● Consider the design style: according to the positioning and style of the enterprise, choose the appropriate pattern design style. For example, if the company is positioned as high-end luxury, the design of the pattern can use gold or high-end colors with delicate patterns to highlight the texture.

● Make sure the printing is clear: The logo design should be clearly legible, even if it is printed on small items. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the position of the printing is obvious and reasonable, so as to avoid the pattern being stretched out and deformed when it is fully unfolded.

In addition, environmental protection is also an important aspect that needs to be paid attention to when customizing folding umbrellas. In today’s society, environmental awareness is increasing, and many people are paying more attention to the environmental performance of their products. Therefore, choosing environmentally friendly materials to make folding umbrellas to reduce the impact on the environment is also an important direction of publicity. It not only conforms to the value orientation of modern consumers, but also enhances the image of the enterprise.

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