How to achieve publicity effect by customizing business gifts

Business gifts are gifts given by enterprises in business activities with customers, suppliers, partners, etc. The general price of business gifts will not be very high, but they are some gifts that are very convenient for office supplies, but the customization of business gifts for business gifts is based on the needs and requirements of the enterprise, and the design, production, processing and other processes of the gifts, and finally form a gift with corporate characteristics. At the same time, there are many types of business gifts, including stationery, mobile phone cases, bank card covers, T-shirts, hats, cups, belts, watches, etc., and gift customization can also be customized according to different festivals, activities, types, etc.

The process of gift customization is generally divided into the following steps:

1. Needs analysis: submit specific needs, including gift types, quantities, budgets, delivery times, etc. Enterprises determine the type, quantity, specification and style of gifts according to their own needs and purposes, and the gift customization company will help determine the direction and scope of gift customization based on this information.

2. Design plan: After submitting the specific needs, the gift design company will design the shape of the gift according to the type and use of the gift, and the shape should be in line with the function and image of the gift, and attractive and unique. For example, if it’s a stationery gift, it can be designed in the shape of a funny animal, and if it’s a phone case gift, it can be designed with a fashionable pattern or personalized style.

3. Sample production: according to the content of the design, choose the appropriate material, the material can be metal, plastic, leather, cloth, etc., different materials have different texture and appearance effect. Choosing high-quality materials can enhance the quality and value of the gift, and make samples. If the gift needs to be printed or labeled, the design should include the relevant content and location. The printing and logos should be clearly visible and in harmony with the overall design of the gift.

4. Production and processing: After the sample production is completed, the gift customization company will confirm the production of the sample with the customer, and after confirming that the sample is correct, mass production and processing will be carried out, and strict quality control will be carried out in the mass production process to ensure that the product meets the design requirements and customer expectations. This may include conducting spot checks, setting up quality checkpoints, implementing quality management plans, etc.

5. Quality inspection: In the process of production and processing, quality inspection is carried out to ensure that the quality of the gift meets the requirements. This may include dimensional inspections, visual inspections, functional tests, and more.

Finally, after the production of business gifts is completed, if you want to achieve the publicity effect later, you can consider the following aspects:

The type of gift should be in line with the image and product characteristics of the enterprise, and can arouse the interest and attention of the recipient. The design of the gift should be concise and clear, in line with modern aesthetics, and be able to show the brand image and characteristics of the company. Gifts should be given to customers, suppliers, partners and other objects that are important to the enterprise, so as to achieve the greatest publicity effect. The gift should be given at the moment of important festivals, events or important corporate events to increase the publicity effect.

Finally, business gift customization is an important means of enterprise marketing and publicity, through the design and gift of gifts, can effectively improve the visibility and image of the enterprise, attract more target customers, and promote the development of the enterprise. If you are interested in customized gifts, please contact Times Gifts, we will provide the best quality gift customization services.