How to choose a custom power bank with confidence

Recently, the explosion of the mobile power bank that has been broadcast in the news has raised concerns about whether there is a problem with the mobile power supply they use. There are a variety of different styles of power banks on the market, which are no longer just simple wired charging functions, but may also have a porous design and external wireless charging capabilities. But the quality is uneven, so, how should we choose a safe power bank?

The following Times Gift will introduce you to how to choose a customized mobile power bank and some precautions with peace of mind!

1. Battery capacity and rated capacity

The battery capacity of the power bank is the first factor we need to consider. The greater the battery capacity, the longer the charging time and battery life it can offer us. Therefore, when choosing a power bank, we should consider whether the battery capacity is enough for daily use according to our needs. But many readers have reported that why did my 20,000mAh power bank run out of power all of a sudden? That’s because we have all fallen into the trap of battery capacity and rated capacity!

First of all, we need to know the difference between battery capacity and rated capacity. Battery capacity refers to the battery capacity of the power bank itself. The rated capacity refers to the amount of electricity that the power bank can provide under standard conditions (that is, the amount of electricity that can actually be used). When buying a power bank, we should look at the actual rated capacity rather than the battery capacity!

Second, the charging speed

In addition to battery capacity, charging speed is also an important metric that we need to pay attention to. Some power banks have a fast charging function, which can provide enough power for our devices in a short period of time, saving us a lot of time. It should be noted that we choose a mobile power bank that has inspection standards. Fast charging without getting hot is an important criterion for measuring fast charging capabilities.

3. Volume size

The size of the power bank is also a factor we need to consider when choosing. We need to carry a power bank with us for travel or on-the-go use, and we all want the smaller the power bank to be as convenient as possible. Nowadays, many products will clearly inform the size of the power bank when they are introduced, and we only need to choose the power bank that suits our own size.

So can a power bank be brought on a plane?

If you want to travel abroad or go on a business trip, you need to pay attention to the mobile power supply can not be checked, simply put, mobile power supply, lithium battery products and spare lithium batteries should be placed in hand luggage, with you on the plane! The number of carryings is also regulated, the limit is 1 person 2, and the battery capacity is less than 100 watts / hour. The rules may not be different for different airlines, so please consult the airline for details.

There are 4 aspects that need to be paid attention to when choosing a mobile power bank:

1. Identify the qualified inspection mark

As an electronic product that is carried every day, safety is paramount. All qualified power banks sold in Hong Kong need to go through a series of safety performance tests. Choose products with certification marks (Taiwan BSMI, Japan T-MARK / JIS, US UL / FCC, etc.), pay attention to whether there is complete packaging, clearly mark the manufacturer and manufacturing date, and carefully read the instructions and warnings before using according to the instructions.

2. Do not purchase products from unknown sources

When purchasing, choose a branded and safe power bank, and check whether there is after-sales service. Don’t be greedy for cheap or convenient to buy some power banks that have no qualified standards and unknown sources.

3. Do not repair it yourself

When the product is abnormal, it can be sent back to the original factory for repair or ask the seller to deal with it on behalf of the seller, and do not disassemble and repair it by yourself to avoid danger or affect its function. Forced demolition by non-professionals will have certain safety hazards!

4. Battery recycling

In addition, the storage power of lithium batteries will decline over time, you can pay attention to the manufacturing date when buying, and choose the newer product.

In order to increase the life of the power bank, here are some tips for daily use:

& Tips &

1. Do not use the power bank in a rough way, the rough way may damage the internal circuit and precision machinery, please try to use the power bank in a normal way.

2. Do not go near the fire source, it may cause an explosion, for the safety of you and the people around you, please use it away from the fire source.

3. Please keep the power supply at home out of the reach of children, so as to avoid safety accidents caused by children’s curiosity to play.

& Care instructions &

All kinds of electrical appliances need to be placed in a dry environment with low humidity. So, for the longevity of your power bank, please keep it in a dry environment. Use your power bank frequently and charge and discharge it once a month. With regular use, you can maximize the service life of the power bank.

All in all, when choosing the right power bank for you, we need to comprehensively consider factors such as battery capacity, charging speed and size. At the same time, when buying a mobile power supply, we should pay attention to choosing products with qualified inspection marks and avoid buying products from unknown sources. In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to the precautions for the storage and use of the power bank, and comply with the boarding regulations and battery recycling requirements.

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