How to control the cost of gifts for business activities

In business activities, event gifts are a very common means of promotion. Merchants usually prepare some event giveaways before the event and deliver them according to the situation during the event, so that during the event, they can not only attract the attention of consumers, but also serve as feedback to express gratitude to customers. However, in the selection of event gifts/premiums, how can we choose low-cost, but at the same time attractive gifts?

Times Gifts in the gift customization, gifts have many years of experience in customization, regardless of the size of the company’s business activities, or corporate institutions and school groups, can be on time and fast gift customization, by the trust and praise of customers. Times Gift provides more than 3,000 product choices, providing comprehensive gift design and gift processing services. This is also the key to controlling the cost in business event gifts, in addition to the following:

1. Cost-effective, high-value products: Such goods usually attract the attention of consumers. In order to get a gift for free, consumers may be forced to buy something they don’t want to buy or don’t need for a while, which can boost spending and increase customer traffic. Of course, merchants need to pay attention to the cost issue when choosing such a giveaway, if the cost is too high, it may make the merchant itself take too much risk.

2. Hot products: There are always some very hot goods in the market now, and their sales volume is very large, and consumers also like to buy them very much. Merchants can order a batch of such hot-selling products with the same function but different brands, which can not only meet the desire of consumers to get gifts, but also meet the needs of merchants looking for low-cost gifts. Of course, merchants also need to pay attention to quality issues when choosing such gifts, if the quality of the goods is not good, it may affect the reputation of the merchant.

3. Practical giveaways: Such giveaways are usually very cheap, but they can bring real help to consumers. For example, some small daily necessities, stationery, cosmetics, etc. are very good giveaway options. In addition to attracting the attention of consumers, such giveaways can also improve consumers’ favorability towards merchants, thereby promoting consumption.

Of course, there are some other issues that merchants need to consider when choosing a customized gift or premium. For example, how should the number of giveaways or gifts be controlled? Does the quality of the giveaway meet consumer expectations? Can the types of giveaways appeal to consumers of different ages and genders? Merchants need to answer these questions through market research, consumer responses, and their own experience to choose the most suitable giveaway.

Giveaways are one of the important means for merchants to promote consumption and improve brand awareness. Choosing a low-cost, yet appealing giveaway is very important for merchants and requires careful consideration and planning. Through giveaways, merchants can attract more consumers’ attention, increase sales, and in turn, promote consumer loyalty and trust in the brand. Of course, merchants also need to pay attention to the cost issue when choosing gifts, and cannot ignore the cost control because of the pursuit of the attractiveness of gifts, which may bring greater risks and losses to merchants.

In addition, for the gift customization or gift processing manufacturers are also required to be very cautious, at present, there are more manufacturers in the market to provide customization, but for the cost price control and gift quality control, the era of gifts is definitely the best manufacturers, whether it is a short-term need for gift customization, or the event needs to be delivered during the expiration of gifts, the choice of times gifts is able to rest assured.