How to order tableware through a gift company

Environmentally friendly “plastic-free” has gradually become our daily habit, and portable environmentally friendly tableware has become a must-have environmentally friendly daily necessities. The daily use of portable tableware is also conducive to a healthy dining environment, and it is also a very popular gift choice, which can achieve a good publicity effect for enterprises. There are many materials for environmentally friendly tableware, how should we choose according to the needs of gift companies?

For example, portable cutlery sets like cloth bags are easy to carry, easy to clean, and fashionable in appearance, which are suitable for environmentally friendly daily necessities and gifts. But comparatively speaking, they may not be suitable for occasions that require more cutlery combinations or more functionality. For different needs, you can choose the right style according to personal preferences and specific situations.

Eco-friendly portable cutlery set:
The design is simple, the cloth bag set is easy to carry, and the inner layer is made of food-grade TPU material, which is safe and easy to clean. It has a large area printing pattern, which is suitable for corporate publicity. The appearance is stylish, and it is loved by young people and fashion lovers.

Easy-snap placemat cutlery set:
The design of the cloth bag cutlery set is simple and practical, and the placemat and cutlery are combined together for easy carrying. It is made of food-grade TPU material, which is safe and easy to clean. The appearance is sleek and suitable for everyday use.

Cloth bag cutlery with straw:
In addition to cutlery, straws are also included, which is suitable for occasions that require straws. It can be built freely according to your needs, and it has a simple style, which is loved by young people and fashion lovers alike. The appearance is sleek and suitable for everyday use.

The style of tableware can be freely customized and matched, and the following is an introduction to the style of tableware.

【Regular Edition】304 stainless steel tableware, the price is more affordable, and the laser LOGO is larger. Applies to event giveaways.

【Upgraded Version】304 stainless steel tableware, thick steel, polished and sleek, long handle design, high-end appearance, comfortable to use!

【Set Version】304 stainless steel tableware, in addition to the basic fork/spoon/chopsticks, you can also add a straw and a knife as needed, which is very suitable for cultural gift sets.

【Wooden Tableware】Natural wood feeling, wooden tableware is a pastoral style choice, wooden tableware is lighter, and will be completed “lacquered” treatment, which can prevent the invasion of external substances, even if wet water is not afraid.

The printing process of stainless steel tableware mainly includes two common pipes: screen printing and laser engraving. Here are their features:

Silk Screen Printing:

Features: Screen printing is a printing channel that transmits pigments to the surface of tableware through the mesh of the screen mesh. It can achieve a variety of colors and patterns of printing effects, suitable for large area patterns and colorful designs. The effect of screen printing is long-lasting and does not fade easily.

Advantages: Silk screen printing can achieve more complex and colorful patterns, which can be customized according to needs and provide good personalization options. The printing effect is clear and full, with high visual effect and decoration.

Laser Lettering:

Features: Laser lettering is a kind of printing pipe that uses laser technology to engrave words or patterns on stainless steel tableware. It can achieve high-precision lettering effect, and the lettering depth can be adjusted, which can present detailed and clear patterns and words. The effect of laser lettering is durable and not easy to wear.

Advantages: Laser lettering enables precise lettering in detail, suitable for personalization and brand identity. The lettering pattern is clearly visible, with a sense of high-end and professionalism.

There are many choices of cutlery, so when choosing non-sylphant steel cutlery, you can consider the following factors to determine the right material:

Observe the appearance: Genuine 304 stainless steel cutlery typically has a smooth, uniform surface and has no visible blemishes, scratches, or rust. If visible unevenness, rust or blemishes are found, it may be a defective product or an imitation of stainless steel.

Check the marking: Check if there is a logo on the tableware marked “304” or “18/8”, which is a common sign indicating that the tableware is made of 304 non-cutting steel material. If there is no clear marking or the marking is of poor quality, it may be a defective or counterfeit product.

Test with a magnet: Take a magnet and hold it close to the surface of the dishware. Genuine 304 stainless steel is usually non-magnetic, so if the magnet is attached to the cutlery, it may be some other type of non-stiff steel or alloy material.

Perform chemical tests: This method requires specialized equipment and knowledge to determine the composition of the information in the tableware through chemical analysis tests. This method is generally not suitable for individual consumers, but is more suitable for professional institutions or laboratories.

Through the above introduction, we can see the importance and advantages of stainless steel tableware in modern life. The corrosion resistance, high strength, and safety and hygiene of the material make it an ideal choice for cutlery. Not only do they have an aesthetically pleasing and functional design, but they also meet people’s needs for personalized and versatile tableware. The selection of stainless steel tableware should consider factors such as material identification, sense of weight, tableware type and design style. Whether it’s a family meal or a business event, stainless steel tableware can provide us with a high-quality dining experience.