New Year’s holiday gifts, send warmth and blessings

The New Year is an important traditional festival, which represents new beginnings, hopes and blessings. On this special occasion, choose a holiday gift to express your blessings and care for your loved ones and add a festive atmosphere to the festive season.

Giving New Year’s holiday gifts can also be used as a way to show gratitude and appreciation. Businesses often give New Year’s gifts to employees, partners, and customers at the end of the year to thank them for their hard work and support over the past year. Not only does this show that the company values them, but it also strengthens relationships, increases employee and partner loyalty, and increases customer satisfaction. Let’s keep up with the times and explore the fun New Year’s holiday gifts!

材質 : 錦緞
包裝: OPP / Box

With the Lunar New Year just around the corner, PERI is not only a custom, but also an expression of humanity. This red packet is made of high-quality brocade material, and the packaging is simple and exquisite, and the dense packaging is difficult to hide its festive atmosphere. It can not only be used to decorate traditional red envelopes, but also as a small gift for relatives and friends to express blessings and care for them. With new ideas and creativity, you can express your heart better!

材質: 矽膠+金屬鋁
尺寸: 67.5 x 92.3 x 32.4
包裝: OPP / Box

Guochao Li is a hand warmer mobile power supply, bringing you warmth and convenience!Silky feel paint, double love, the touch is as smooth as you can’t put it down; fun buttons, and grab red envelopes as interesting operation, the use of the experience is more interesting. Mobile power is now a must-have trend electronic product for going out, mobile power supply and hand warmer two-in-one autumn and winter goodies, it is really a must-have for gifts for personal use!


尺寸:封面185210mm 內頁:210140mm

Business desk calendar, which is a promotional gift designed for business occasions. It’s a quick and easy way to check dates and schedules, and it also serves as an ornament to add a touch of taste and professionalism to your desk or business space. In fact, the gift of the wall calendar also expresses the hope that there can be a good plan for the future life, and also represents full blessings and expectations. The years are like water, and the years are golden. I also hope that I can cherish the best wishes of time in the coming year.


It contains a number of exquisite small gifts, and a gift box to help you celebrate the New Year. The big gift box is equipped with a big gift bag, so that the gift can be faced, so that the partners can feel your attention and care for them. Red festive packaging, fiery feelings, and strong affection make the cooperative relationship go further in blessings again and again.

The sun and the moon open a new era, and the world has another spring. In this special and expectant holiday, choosing a festive and warm gift will make your blessings more sincere and meaningful. Holiday gifts can be part of a fond memory. When you choose a special gift, it will become a wonderful memory for your family and friends in the New Year. Every time they use or view this gift, they can recall the moments they spent with you, adding even more joy and warmth. It can also print a unique slogan or company logo on the surface of the gift, which is also an excellent promotional gift, which can increase the exposure of your brand and make your promotional message continue to exist in the eyes of customers.

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