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10000mAh wireless charging power bank

Material: ABS
Size : 148 x 71 x 11
Packaging : OPP

產品編號 EL3053 Category

& Details &

1. Sensitive, the phone can also be charged with a case, just put the mobile phone that supports wireless charging on the charger, you can enjoy the convenience;

2.10000mAh large capacity, dual USB output, and LED flashlight function;

3. Internal stable emission of pure copper coil, intelligent temperature control, multiple safety protection, to ensure the safety of the mobile power supply and mobile phone;

4. Photos, pictures, text, LOGO, support high-definition color printing, advertising display is more detailed.

10000mAh wireless charging power bank, more power support, lighter, thinner and better-looking;
Intelligent control, press the button to automatically charge, dual interface automatic identification, plug in and charge, unplug and turn off automatically;
Wireless wired can be charged, charging, self-charging, one line can be done, convenient and fast;
Simple and easy to use, light and portable, it is more convenient to go out;
The non-slip rubber paint charging panel is not only non-slip, but also ensures a comfortable touch. The rounded design of the whole body is more comfortable to hold and easier to operate with one hand;
Mobile power has become an indispensable product for us to go out, and the emergence of wireless power makes it more convenient for us to charge and bring more convenience to life!
The wireless charging power bank of Times Gift is not only practical, but also has a fashionable design, which is an ideal choice for business event gifts and practical gifts.
Customize the company’s exclusive LOGO on the surface of the mobile power supply to make the company’s brand more widely known;

& Highlights &

1. Please use it at an ambient temperature of 0-45°C, and keep away from moisture and fire;

2. Do not scrub with chemicals, such as soap or detergent;

3. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble or impact this product. Throw into fire or water;

4. If you notice that the battery is swollen, leaking, or smelly, please stop using it immediately.