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20000 mAh all-in-one universal wireless power bank

Material: PC+ABS
Size : 148 x 69 x 19
Packaging : Boxed/OPP

產品編號 EL3118 Category


With IR-CHARGE technology, it supports the charging of smartphones and tablets of iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Xiaomi, Nokia and other brands, and is compatible with other digital products with USB DC-5V input
Multiple protection system to keep away from threats such as overcharge, over-discharge, over-voltage, over-current, short circuit, and over-power
Cooling and energy-saving technology can effectively protect the safety of battery cells
It’s safe and fast to charge and can be carried on board
Compact and thin, there are four charging cables inside, so there is no need to bring a separate charging cable
There is an invisible power display on the surface, and the power is visualized, so you are not afraid of a reminder of no power
20000mAh large capacity, can also be charged wirelessly, making charging easy and simple

Not only does it support wireless charging, but you can also choose direct charging with a cable to meet your different charging needs.

Not only is it powerful, but it also has a very stylish look. The sophisticated design and high-quality materials make it your fashion accessory. Whether it’s in the office, traveling, or everyday life, it can be your eye-catching touch.

In addition to its practicality, this all-in-one universal wireless power bank is also a perfect little gift. Whether it’s a gift for family, friends or clients, it shows your heart and taste. Moreover, Times Gifts also provides customized services, which can be customized according to your needs.

This all-in-one universal wireless power bank has excellent performance and design to make your life more convenient and beautiful. Whether it’s for personal use or as a gift, it’s an excellent choice. Make it an indispensable companion in your life!