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3-in-1 magnetic wireless charging stand

Material: Aluminum alloy + ABS
Dimensions : 123.5 x 75 x 141.5
Packaging : Boxed/OPP

產品編號 EL3130 Category

Fast charging, 360° rotation, neat storage, safe and reliable!
Strong adsorption, not easy to fall off!
15W wireless magnetic charging, fast charging!
90 degree free spins to find the best angle at any time!
📱 Charge three devices at the same time, without disturbing each other, charging independently!

Charging + storage, the data cable is no longer messy and entangled!
Smart chip, safe and reliable charging, no virtual charging and no hot!
Newly upgraded AI ice magnetic, cooling protection equipment, and improved efficiency!

Exquisite appearance, 360° no dead ends, real charging artwork!
👜 Lightweight and convenient, carry it with you without burden!
✈️ In line with the civil aviation mobile power carrying standards, travel all over the world!

It is not only a charging stand, but also your fashion accessories! Make your life more convenient and stylish! Now have this 3-in-1 magnetic wireless charging stand, so that charging is no longer troublesome, and the style is more unique!
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