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3-in-1 phone external camera

Material: Aluminium + Glass
Size : 88x36x148
Packing: OPP bag/box

產品編號 EL3057 Category


Mobile phone photography technology is changing with each passing day, although major brands of mobile phones have made a lot of efforts to improve the mobile phone lens, but due to the limitations of volume and other factors, mobile phone photography still has some limitations, and the lens focal length is a short board. This 3-in-1 mobile phone external camera, a new creative concept, rotate and change different lenses, common to all mobile phone models, so that your mobile phone photography is like a DSLR, different lenses can shoot different styles of blockbusters.
& Details &
1.198° fisheye + 0.62x wide angle + 20X macro all-in-one 3-in-1 mobile phone lens;
2. The lens is made of high-definition coated glass lens and aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame;
3. 360° rotation at will, to meet your shooting of different scenes, free rotation;
4. Universal mobile phone holder design, compatible with most mobile phones and tablets on the market.