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5000mAh Backpack Clip Wireless Fast Charging Power Bank

Material: PC+ABS
Dimensions: 96.8 x 64.1 x 11.6
Packaging : Boxed/OPP

產品編號 EL3275 Category

Super magnetic, extremely stable!
Built-in core design ensures precise alignment, instant sensing, and fast charging!
The selection of high-quality liquid silicone makes the product small and slim, as thin as 1.25cm, comfortable to hold, and easy to carry!
Compatible with all iP12 models, including phones with cases, it can still be charged wirelessly
Not only can you charge your phone wirelessly, but it can also be compatible with a variety of wireless charging devices, whether it is Android, headphones or iPhone 8 and above models, you can easily charge!
In line with international air transport standards, you can carry it on the plane, and you don’t have to worry about traveling!

In addition, Times Gift can also customize the customer logo according to your needs, so that this power bank can become your unique souvenir or event gift.
Times is a professional personalized custom gift company, our team has rich experience and professional knowledge, providing various types of customized services, including power bank customization, power bank printing and promotional gift customization, etc. Our products are not only practical, but also bring advertising benefits to your business or personal brand. It can also provide you with one-stop service, including design, production and delivery!