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Waterproof Solar 20000mAh Power Bank

Material : Plastic
Dimensions : 138.5 x 75 x 20

產品編號 EL3131 Category

The new magnetic wireless fast charging power bank is here!
Built-in integrated compass, only one power bank is needed to travel, eliminating the cumbersome need to carry a compass alone;
It has three LED strong light modes, lighting mode, SOS mode, and strobe mode, which escorts you for your night travel;
Intelligent current converter, automatically detect the current equipment model, accurately output current, and protect the charging equipment;
With a rated power of 1.5W, the solar power bank breaks through the traditional charging limitations, and there is electricity when there is light, and it can be continuously supplied under strong outdoor light;
The hidden USB interface waterproof cover, which has a waterproof and dustproof effect, is a professional-grade waterproof power bank, the first choice for outdoor travel enthusiasts;
Solar charging + plug-in charging, reserve power in the sun during the day, and charge with reserve power at night, so that you always have power security;
The power indicator is clear at a glance, and the power display mode is four-bar, each grid represents 25% of the power level, and the power status can be controlled at any time;
The unique sun icon represents that the sun is charging the power bank, making your charging more environmentally friendly;
Excellent sealing performance, dustproof, drop-proof, waterproof life, to provide you with all-round protection!
As a practical daily necessities, customized mobile power supply is also an excellent promotional gift, which can meet the actual needs of users, enhance brand awareness, and also bring long-term returns to enterprises.