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A4 leather storage folder

Material : PU
Dimensions : 345 x 255 x 30
Packing: Boxed

產品編號 ST3306 Category Tag

Storage folder with charging function, metal USB converter, convenient for more mobile device customers, only need to use the data cable can be plug and play, multi-functional storage bag, can allow you to record anytime and anywhere, can accommodate more daily information and easy to carry, movable plate clamp, can be disassembled at will, powerful to use, very convenient to carry.

1. The appearance is made of color-changing PU, the image is high-end and textured, and the business use is very face-saving;
2. The internal diversity and multi-function, whether it is storage or recording are in order, just like a small work desk;
3. The charging method is simple and convenient, plug and play, metal USB female connector, easy to transfer, suitable for a variety of mobile devices.

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