Gift assortment

Aluminum rod metal touch screen advertising pen

Packing: opp bag

Choice of quality: Selected high-quality aluminum shaft body, metal texture, surface spray treatment, comfortable pen grip

Simple pen clip: large angle can be clamped on the book is stable and not easy to fall, easy to carry, avoid loss and loss, even if placed in an inclined position, do not have to worry about rolling off.

Office touch switch at will: the top color and black capacitive head with color pen barrel, colorful and sensitive touch, suitable for tablets and smartphones

High-quality nib smooth writing: press the core, just press the nib to pop up when writing, anti-collision and wear-resistant, smooth writing, no oil leakage, and continuous ink!

Simple refill replacement: simple and easy to disassemble, easy to replace refill, environmentally friendly and saving!

A stylus is a unique and practical gift option. It has the characteristics of smooth and durable writing, and can also be customized with LOGO or pattern on the pen body, which is very suitable for corporate gifts, business gifts or corporate gifts, giving customers a unique gift experience.
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