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Bus power bank

Material : Plastic
Size : 115 x 49 x 35
Packing: Boxed

產品編號 EL3084 Category

The bus power bank has a cute bus shape and a small size, making it more convenient for you to go out.
The third-generation high-density core battery technology makes you feel more at ease and charges more stably.
Not only that, but this power bank also has a leisure and entertainment function, and the wheels can also move, so you can have fun in your leisure time.
Whether it’s charging or playing, this power bank is your good helper. Its small size, only half the width of a mobile phone, allows you to travel without stress and is convenient to carry.
In addition, plug and charge is full of scientific and technological headlight prompts, intelligent management of power, and grasp the charging situation at any time.
Bus power bank, make your life more convenient and interesting, let’s go together!
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