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Capsule-shaped highlighter

Material: ABS
Packaging : OPP

產品編號 ST3092 Category Tag

The shape resembles a capsule, the appearance is exquisite and the three colors are optional, and the unique shape is a creative promotional gift!

Fluorescent color, light ink, low saturation water-based pigment is not easy to cover the text, the ink is even, the writing is smooth, and it is more suitable for key marking

Each color is very brilliant, multi-color optional, rich and dazzling six colors, and the water is smooth and depicts different moods with different colors

The axe-shaped nib is easier to fit the paper, the color is full, translucent and uniform, and the round and thick barrel fits perfectly in the palm of the hand, making the pen more stable

The use of high-density fiber nib, the writing is soft and smooth, and the pen and ink are evenly inked, so that each stroke is smooth and free, such as flowing water

The unique design is also a good promotional gift, the surface of the pen cover can be customized with a large area of creative patterns, such as customized company LOGO or brand, more suitable as a promotional gift, corporate gifts or promotional gifts, practical and at the same time can promote the company’s brand image!