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Ceramic wooden tray coffee cup with lid

Material : Ceramic
Size : 70 x 70
Packing: Carton

產品編號 BT3159 Category

The ceramic wooden tray cup coffee cup with lid is made of high-quality ceramic material, which has a high degree of thermal insulation efficiency, and the ceramic material can maintain the temperature of the drink through the function of heat preservation, while the wooden tray design can reduce the heat of the hand touch and improve the comfort of the cup, the wooden material will not conduct electricity, so that the hand will not feel overheated, and at the same time add a new feel of comfort, making the process of drinking coffee more pleasant. The cup is also leak-proof and spill-proof, the cup has a lid that can effectively avoid the drink from spilling, and the opening on the lid allows the drink to flow smoothly for easy drinking. The exterior of the porcelain mug is designed with stylish patterns and colors, which can well match the modern home and office and blend in with modern life. Wooden trays make cups more stable and add decoration and aesthetics. The ceramic wooden tray cup coffee cup with lid not only allows you to enjoy a sip of high-quality coffee, but also allows you to get a better experience and quality in the process of enjoying coffee, whether it is at home or in the office, on the go, this cup is a good product worth having.

Graceful curved design, rounded and comfortable grip

The cork bottom is quiet and resistant to scalding and scratching

Wide bore, easy to wash and keep clean

The edges are neat, delicate and smooth, full and round, beautiful and practical

Good thermal stability and slow heat transfer

Carry the lid open, clean and dustproof