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Crack cup tea water separation filter cup

Material : Enamel
Size : 80 x 107

產品編號 BT3157 Category


The tea cup is composed of a cup lid, an inner tank and a cup body, and one cup is leaked, making tea simple, practical and convenient, and simplifying the tedious life
The filter liner can be placed on the lid for convenience and hygiene, and is made of fine clay, which is fired at high temperature and durable
The cup body ring has a silicone sleeve, which can effectively isolate the heat source and solve the problem of hot hands
The porous ceramic liner is used to make tea and water smoothly, which can effectively filter the tea residue
The surface of the cup body is frosted and granular, and the lid of the cup is three-dimensionally embossed with auspicious dragons, which is simple and elegant, highlighting the quality