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Children’s backpack for outdoor travel

Size: 23*31*13CM
Colours: blue-orange, sky blue, serene black, purple, rose-red, morning and evening gray

產品編號 RB4019 Category

Specially designed for children, the children’s outdoor travel backpack makes the outdoor travel easier and more enjoyable for children!
&Details show charm&
1. High-quality adjustment buckle, easy to adjust, so that children can easily adjust the length of the backpack to adapt to different figures and needs.
2. Comfortable shoulder straps, made of soft material, to avoid shoulder pressure, so that children can carry more comfortably, and enjoy the fun of every trip.
3. Fine workmanship, fine stitching and firm structure make the backpack more durable and beautiful.
4. Selected waterproof fabrics can effectively prevent rainwater from penetrating and protect the contents of the bag from moisture.
5. The backpack is breathable to keep children dry and comfortable during activities. When climbing, the backpack is stable and reliable, and it is not easy to shake. The fabric is skin-friendly, giving children a soft touch and a comfortable fit on the skin.

In addition, you can customize your favorite pattern to give your child a unique gift, which is the best choice as an event gift and activity giveaway. It can also be printed on the backpack with the logo, pattern or LOGO of the enterprise as a promotional gift or souvenir, which increases the uniqueness of the backpack and highlights the brand and image of the enterprise.
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Let’s create a backpack that is comfortable for your child and shows off their unique personality!