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Coke bottle sports water bottle

Material : 304 stainless steel
Size : 250 x 70
Packing: White box

: Silver

Weight: 200g

: 750ml
Printing method

: silk screen printing/laser

Certifications: FDA, LFGB
Thermal insulation performance

: 0-6 hours
The inside and outside are made of 304 stainless steel, which has no peculiar smell
High vacuum insulation layer, the vacuum area is isolated from transmission, and the heat convection, the insulation effect is more durable
Food-grade silicone ring, good sealing, inverted without water leakage

產品編號 BT3136 Category


The lid is made of high-quality materials, humanized and intimate design, safe and comfortable, and enjoy life;

A variety of cup lids can be matched at will: high-quality stainless steel, natural bamboo lid, qualityPP

Stainless steel hand-held lid: The cup lid is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is convenient, safe and healthy to use;

Leak-proof cup lid: The cup lid can also be made of natural harmless bamboo material, with a spiral design to strengthen safety and leakage-proof;

Smooth cup mouth, cup mouth design spiral, closely combined with the cup lid, safe and leak-proof;

The bottom of the cup is made of stainless steel, which is durable;

Simple and stylish, easy to carry.

Printing logo process:

1. Silk screen printing – that is, screen printing, with a special printing process to print the required patterns and words, can be printed on the required colors, the logo is obvious, the color is bright, the cost is calculated by color, is the most commonly used printing process. Pros: Bright colors!

2. Laser – that is, laser marking, in the non-cutting steel part of the cup body with laser erosion of patterns and words, single color, patterns and words will not be worn, mainly suitable for non-cutting steel cups and other materials of the cup. Advantages: It is not easy to wear and tear, and the effect is better when used in darker color cups.