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Large capacity fitness sports water bottle

Material: 304 stainless steel+ABS
Size : Dia.145 x 240
Packing: Boxed

產品編號 BT3138 Category

According to the long-term joint research with many sports coaches around the world, a large water bottle for a day is just enough to meet the daily water supplement!

It is made of food-grade Tritan healthy material, which does not contain harmful substances, and is resistant to high temperatures of more than 100°C, and does not release toxic substances at high temperatures

The detachable fruit filter cartridge makes it more delicious to drink, easy to clean without leaving traces of water, and the lid and mouth of the cup are designed to rotate with screw patterns, which are interlocking, and the built-in sealing silicone ring does not leak when shaken

& Details &
1. Anti-ancient Roman column shape multi-cutting surface design, unique convex column shape, to create a different sense of light;
2. The inner core is strong, you can put in fruit slices, and enjoy delicious fruit drinks at the same time;
3. The fruit stick can effectively isolate foreign bodies and debris, and at the same time control the water output of the bottle mouth when drinking water, so as to prevent the bottle mouth from being too large and drinking water from getting wet.

Large-capacity fitness sports kettle is a good helper for your sports hydration, but also a good choice for gifts, customized LOGO or promotional slogans, as event gifts, corporate gifts, promotional gifts or business gifts are a good choice, customized thermos cups can effectively convey your brand image and concept, so that the publicity effect is twice the result with half the effort.