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Cold-insulated spray kettle

Material: LDPE+PE+ABS
Dimensions: 74 x 240 / 74 x 290
Packing: OPP bag or white box

: 450ML (16OZ), 590ML (20OZ)

: 450ML-165G, 590ML-190G

: Red, Blue, Black, Green

Printing method
: silk screen printing/aluminum film bag printing
The diameter of the cup body is designed according to sports equipment, so it can easily fit with backpacks, sports fanny packs, bicycles, etc
Under the effect of double-layer cup body + aluminum film bag, the temperature is effectively isolated, and the cold insulation effect is remarkable
Carefully designed with a spray nozzle, the water mist is more delicate and cool
Portable handle, humanized design, easy to carry
The cup body is non-slip grooved, not easy to slip, and can be used at any time during sports
Drop-resistant cup, no fear of bumps during sports

產品編號 BT3231 Category


Multi-functional spray water bottle, plastic PE bottle, light and easy to carry, especially suitable for outdoor and sports use, in addition to being used for normal drinking water, can also be used as a spray: in dry environments, it can be used as a moisturizing spray, such as in an air-conditioned room or in a car, and in a sultry environment, it can clear away heat and relieve heat, such as running, fitness, cycling, and mountaineering. Creative design to bring you a cool summer.
& Details &
1. The kettle is made of new PE material, colorless, tasteless and non-toxic, can pass FDA testing, the surface is shiny, the appearance is beautiful and transparent;
2. Durable, wear-resistant, anti-aging, not easy to deform, can resist more daily wear and tear, and easy to clean;
3. One-handed switch, avoid the trouble of frequent capping;
4. High-quality spring drive, after 10,000 presses, it is still as new;
5. High-quality TRP nozzle, environmentally friendly material, healthy and safe;
6. Excellent sealing, no water leakage when shaking, and more free movement;
7. The humanized hand design of the bottle body gives you a comfortable experience and is convenient to carry out.