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Creative flannel fruit animal cartoon towel

Size: 30*30cm
Package: Box

產品編號 TW4013 Category

Soft to the touch, cute and pleasing different little gifts!
Creative flannel fruit animal cartoon towel, light and breathable, soft and comfortable, so that your skin feels extremely gentle.
The design and manufacturing process are meticulously considered, and the quality is reflected in the details. The towel has a hook design for easy carrying and access, so that you can enjoy soft company at any time when traveling, playing sports or in life.
This towel is highly absorbent and dries quickly after wringing water, effectively preventing the growth of bacteria, giving you a refreshing and healthy experience.

Excellent texture, equipped with exquisite gift boxes, is the best choice for event gifts, promotional gifts. Whether it’s as a giveaway or for promotional purposes, it can make a great impression.
Choose creative flannel fruit animal cartoon towels and share a lovely surprise for yourself or with friends and family!