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Curved wood stand lazy phone base

Material: Wood
Size: 100*75*50
Packing: OPP bag/box

產品編號 EL3069 Category


Bentwood mobile phone holder, using laminate technology, logs cut into thin slices, multi-layer staggered stacking, more durable than the log material, not easy to crack and deform; simple curve design, integrated molding, natural texture and color, feel the natural beauty, comfortable and smooth, is a mobile phone holder, but also a work of art, place your mobile phone, decorate your desk.
& Details &
1. Simple design, fashionable and elegant, showing the natural beauty;
2. The corner arc is smooth and smooth, integrally formed, and natural;
3. The cutting surface is smooth and smooth, and multiple manual grinding is repeated;
4. The bottom is equipped with anti-slip glue, which is more stable and anti-slip and anti-scratch, and needs to be self-mounted;
5. Walnut, beech, bamboo, a variety of materials are optional;
6. The wood texture is clearly visible, the color is natural and elegant, and the natural charm is integrated into home life.