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Simple double-slot solid wood mobile phone tablet stand

Material: Wood
Packing: OPP bag/box

產品編號 EL3070 Category


The double-groove solid wood mobile phone holder is made of solid and durable log materials, the wood texture is uniform, the tone is soft and smooth, and the original ecological beauty of nature is returned; the whole solid wood is made, non-plywood, no veneer and no lamination, after careful production and polishing, the surface is smooth and thornless, the feel is delicate, the color is elegant, and the texture is clear.
& Details &
1. Logs are made of whole wood, natural materials, polished by traditional hand, and formed in one piece;
2. European AAA beech or North American FAS black walnut can be selected, which is hard and firm, not easy to crack and deform, and the texture is delicate and elegant;
3. Double-sided grooves, two angles, one bracket and two experiences, suitable for all kinds of mobile phones and tablets;
4. The angle design is ergonomic, and after repeated tests, a more comfortable groove angle is found, and the angle of the screen is optimized to reduce fatigue while not blocking the letters;
5. Multiple sizes to meet different needs.