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Double-ended highlighter in thickness

Material: ABS
Packaging : OPP

產品編號 ST3051 Category Tag

The imported fiber nib has a good ink effect, and the imported fiber nib has a good ink effect, and the nib is durable and not easy to crack

The leak-proof cap has a tight bite, precision injection abrasive, and good sealing to ensure the long-term storage of the pen

The pen cap is easy to disassemble, the double-ended cover is written, the pen barrel is smooth, the thickness of the pen barrel is moderate, and the hand is not tired for a long time;

Double-ended can be written, convenient and practical, changing color without changing the pen, truly convenient and quick to take notes, convenient to mark different key points

The smooth pen barrel can be customized to print LOGO, which is also the best choice for event gifts. When you give these highlighters as gifts to customers, partners, or people attending events, you can continuously promote your company’s brand and increase brand exposure.