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Eco-friendly kraft paper with pen and note book

尺寸:158 x 63 x 23mm
包裝: OPP袋
產品編號 ST3667 Category Tag

A set of multi-functional note paper to meet your various needs of daily study and office, including sticky notes, kraft paper signature pens and rulers

Selected high-quality sticky note paper, smooth and smooth writing, quick-drying without ink leakage, double-sided writing, thick and durable, uniform thickness makes writing more comfortable

A variety of shapes and colors of sticky notes make it easy for you to distinguish different notes and key points, and can be used in a variety of work situations;

There is a kraft paper pen on the side, and the pen barrel is made of high-quality kraft paper, which is environmentally friendly and durable, comfortable to hold the pen, smooth writing, and a round strap for easy storage, which is easy to carry and easily cope with the needs of going out

Clamshell thickened kraft paper stationery box, paper is strong and degradable, practical and environmentally friendly, and the top storage plastic ruler is a necessary stationery for daily work and study

High-quality covers are more suitable for printing LOGO or slogans, the printing content is clear and exquisite, to ensure the quality and quality of the product, as a business gift to give a surprise to customers, to give customers a practical and beautiful high-quality gift, so that the relationship between each other further;