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Eco-friendly loose-leaf memo paper

Eco-friendly loose-leaf memo paper

Material: Paper
Size: 7.5*7cm
Packing: OPP bag

產品編號 ST3666 Category Tag

Eco-friendly loose-leaf Memo paper, office more style, an efficient note paper, your notes are worth carrying!

The inner page is made of high-quality thick paper, a good paper is written with heart, the high-quality pulp is made of high quality, the nib is written smoothly, and the thickness is uniform to make the writing more comfortable

A variety of colors are staggered to correspond to a variety of notes, and different colors are easy to distinguish various key notes

The colorful convenience strip is made of plant pigments, does not contain harmful substances, and is aromatic and odorless, so that you can use it with more peace of mind.

Strong stickiness, can be used multiple times, tear without hurting the paper, whether you are taking notes at work, organizing documents, or recording important knowledge points in learning, this handy note paper can meet your needs.

The selection of high-quality kraft paper effectively prevents water splashing and protects important notes, while the plastic coil is matched to flip freely and is easy to tear

Printing patterns can be customized on the surface, as event gifts or corporate gifts, to give customers a different writing experience, and good gifts to find a professional gift customization company.