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Floral shaped coral velvet towel

Towel size: 27*20CM
Packing: Bag
Color: purple, blue, green, rose, orange

產品編號 TW4003 Category

Flower-shaped coral velvet towel, double-layer thickened, high and wet~
Cute flower shape hand towels, soft and cute with patch embroidery, simple and generous, gentle and intimate care of your hands, so that ordinary small things also become part of the decoration
Double-layer thickened strong water absorption, thick enough to absorb water Double-layer design fluffy and soft;
Greater wicking effect, close to the hand, easy to reach the details of the finger seam;
The hanging design saves space, and the intimate lanyard is easy to place, saving space and making it cleaner and hygienic;
One thing is multi-purpose, worry-free and more labor-saving, wiping glass, wiping ceramics, wiping furniture, washing hands and drying can solve all troubles;
Instant water absorption, quick washing and quick drying, wonderful ability to capture water molecules, fast washing and fast drying;
Multi-color options, four colors for you to choose from, there is always one for you!
In this era of personality, order a unique towel, show your own unique style and taste! Times Gift provides you with customized towel services, so that your towel becomes a unique work of art!