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Foldable wireless charger

Material: ABS
Dimensions : 97 x 97 x 30
Packing: Carton

Input voltage/current: 9V 2A
Wireless output: 9V 2A
Charging power: 10W
Wireless conversion efficiency: 70%.
Transmission distance: up to 10mm
The spacing between transceiver and receiver is 2mm~4mm
Standby power consumption: The average power consumption is less than 50mW
Indicator function: blue light for charging, green light
for full and standby
Printing: Silk screen printing

產品編號 EL3115 Category

Fold the wireless charger and enter the wireless era to make your charging experience more convenient!
It can be stowed away at any time, easy to carry, and free your hands!
Support Qi wireless charging, making charging more convenient! Vertical and horizontal, no matter what kind of needs can be met!
The coating is not slippery, and the characteristics of the skin determine the effect of sticking to the mobile phone, and at the same time, it can also be charged, while listening to songs, playing games, etc
Quality assurance, long-lasting durability, so that you can enjoy efficient charging for a long time while avoiding wear and tear on the phone!
Elegant design, fashionable accessories, and customizable exclusive LOGO to make your charger a unique highlight!
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