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Heart-shaped tea drain

Material: Stainless steel

Package: Box

產品編號 KW3069 Category


Heart-shaped tea drain, this gift is a practical gift that combines custom-made tableware and eco-friendly tableware. This heart-shaped tea drain has a unique design and has a cute heart-shaped appearance. It can be used to make tea, allowing you to feel the atmosphere of love while enjoying tea. This tea drain is made with high-quality materials, which are safe, non-toxic and reusable. Its mesh structure can effectively filter the tea leaves, allowing you to taste the rich aroma of tea.

Times Gift provides tableware customization and lunch box customization services, and can customize this heart-shaped tea drain according to your needs and requirements. Whether it’s as a corporate gift or a purchase giveaway, this tea drain is an ideal choice. You can print your company logo or promotional message on the tea drain to make this gift an advertisement for action and also show your concern for the environment.

This heart-shaped tea drain is not only convenient and practical, but also an eco-friendly choice. It can help reduce the use of tea bags and reduce the impact on the environment. At the same time, it is also a healthy option that allows you to enjoy the pure taste of tea without being affected by additives.

Let Times Gifts order a heart-shaped tea drain for your gifts, and provide a practical and environmentally friendly gift choice for your partners and customers!