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High-end business thermos mug umbrella set

Material: vinyl + stainless steel
Size : 250x280x80
Packaging : OPP

產品編號 UB3044 產品編號 ,

Vacuum mug umbrella gift box, beautiful and durable, exquisite packaging, a variety of colors to choose from; vacuum vacuum mug in the gift box, food-grade 304 stainless steel, 24-hour effective heat preservation; commercial advertising umbrella, rain or shine, eight-bone gold and steel reinforcement, high-density vinyl umbrella surface, effectively block ultraviolet rays; special custom pattern for the Year of the Pig, full of auspicious meaning, I wish you a smooth Year of the Pig!

& Details &

Thermos mug

1. Thermos cup lid, austenitic stainless steel, food-grade material selection, embedded stainless steel steam circulation;

2. Stainless steel tea drain, 304 stainless steel material, laser smooth opening, fine and smooth without stinging;

3. Stainless steel liner, 304 stainless steel, vacuum technology, effective temperature locking, heat preservation and cold insulation;

4. Non-slip cup bottom, polymer plastic cup bottom, anti-slip and wear-resistant, stable placement;

Commercial advertising umbrella

1. Eight-bone gold and steel reinforcement, the umbrella frame can resist the wind through the overall structure combination;

2. High degree of vinyl umbrella cloth, isolated from UVA, sunscreen and rain, smooth and water-repellent;

3. Anti-slip handle, humanized anti-slip design, increase friction, prevent slipping.