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Insulated double-walled cups with straws

Material : PS
Size : 215 x 95
Packing: Carton

產品編號 BT3079 Category
The double-layer cup body is designed with air separation, which is effectively anti-scald and cold-insulated, and does not burn to the touch
The cup is printed with a clear deer and rabbit pattern, and a red and white striped hairball scarf is worn on the outside, which is full of Christmas atmosphere and suitable for Christmas gifts
With a large capacity of 420ml, it can meet the daily needs of shopping, traveling, going to school, going to work, etc
The lid of the cup is a unique design of deer ears and rabbit ears, which is cute and cute with the body of the cup
The cup mouth rotates and opens, and it is not afraid of water leakage in daily use, and the diameter of the cup mouth is large, which is convenient for cleaning
Equipped with a straw, it is convenient to drink water