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Lanyard water bottle

Material: High borosilicate glass/PC + PP + silicone
Dimensions: 210 x 70
Packing: Carton

: 500ML

Temperature resistance
: -10°C – 120°C (glass).

: Black, White

Printing method
: silk screen printing
Food gradePP cup lid, non-toxic and harmless, environmentally friendly and healthier
Thickened and smooth polished cup rim for more comfortable use
Swivel threaded cup mouth, easy to operate, tight and leak-proof
Portable silicone lanyard, strong bearing capacity, easy to carry
*This cup type is available in glass and plastic, and there are also burlap bags to choose from

產品編號 BT3139 Category

The material is resistant to high temperature, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and does not contain doubleA phenol

It is very popular in Korea and JapanEcobridge your bottle

A simple and beautiful cup that is resistant to falling, a must-have for summer fruit drinks!!

High borosilicate glass, explosion-proof, leak-proof and heat-resistant;

Solid color lid, food-grade plastic, smooth threaded cup mouth without grinding mouth;

Choose at any time, no leakage;

Letters, numbers, and drops are available in three styles;

Introduction of high borosilicate heat-resistant glass

The product is made of internationally patented borosilicate heat-resistant glass, which is lighter and stronger than ordinary glass, and the sound is as bright as metal. The corrosion resistance meets the standard of chemical laboratory glassware, and it is still as transparent as new after long-term use. The instantaneous temperature difference is -20°C-150°C, even if it is frozen for 24 hours, it can be safe and secure, creating safety and convenience for modern life.