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Mini power bank

Material: ABS
Size : 91x64x23
Packing: OPP bag/box

產品編號 EL3065 Category

Mini power bank, warm and protect your every moment!
Meticulous design details:
1. ABS texture, grinding and polishing, silky feel, excellent workmanship, comfortable experience.
2. Rounded edges, perfect fit for the fuselage, seamless fit.
3. Black and white, simple and generous, high-end quality, worry-free travel.
In accordance with the carrying regulations of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, it can be carried on board the aircraft.
4. Widely compatible, multi-purpose, Micro and Type-C interfaces are available, charging most Android phones, tablets or other digital electronic products on the market.
Same capacity, different volumes. Small and portable, designed for you to go out.
Rapid cooling, long-lasting charging without hot hands, to provide you with a safe and reliable guarantee.
Whether it’s a cold winter or a cool summer, the mini power bank will give you warm company.
Purchase the customized service of Times Gift Company to add a personalized and unique charm to your power bank.
Let the mini power bank become a must-have in your life, always providing you with convenience and warmth!
In addition, Times Gift can also customize the customer logo according to your needs, so that this power bank can become your unique souvenir or event gift.
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