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Multi-colour ballpoint pen with transparent rod

Material : Plastic
Size : 140
Packing: Boxed

產品編號 ST3209 Category Tag
Multi-color press ballpoint pen, a variety of colors as a whole, can meet the needs of different occasions, smooth and smooth writing, comfortable feel, whether it is to do the collection of color classification or the key marking when the meeting, can be instantly converted between the keys, although the color is many, the volume is very small, the whole concentration into one, it is very convenient to carry.
1. Pen clip design, key transfer switch, bullet nib writing smooth, not easy to break ink;
2. Diverse functions, bright colors, hand-painted, receivables, key labeling, etc., very convenient to use;
3. Transparent pen barrel, the color can be seen at a glance, easy to find the color when using.
A multi-coloured ballpoint pen with a transparent stem, this unique ballpoint pen combines versatility while also being a practical and creative gift option. The multi-functional design of this light pen not only serves as a writing instrument, but also has a lighting function for convenience and practicality.
Times Gift can be personalized according to your needs, making it a highly creative and practical promotional gift.