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Outdoor sports fitness water bottles

Capacity: 850ml/1200ml
Size: 850ml: 22cm*10cm
Package: Box

產品編號 BT4006 Category

The shape is simple, the temperament is high-end, and it will accompany you to hydrate all day long!

Selected healthy materials, visible transparency, protect your health, so that you can use it with peace of mind

Open the lid and drink directly to replenish the water with one click, open the lock, open the lid with one key, and drink freely

Intimate safety lock, not afraid of accidentally touching the cover, simple and easy to operate, one-handed can also be easily unlocked

360° inverted water-free carry more assured, built-in silicone sealing ring, upside-down shaking without leakage

Outdoor sports and fitness water bottle is very suitable for printing LOGO and company brand on the body of the cup as a business gift, event gift, corporate gift or promotional gift, but also an intimate gift for sports enthusiasts. Times Gifts also offers other custom-made options, such as lettering or stickers, to add to the uniqueness of the mug. These custom-made designs can make the gift more personalized and make the recipient feel cared for and cared for.
Times Gift cordially invites you to explore the gift customization service, for thermos mugs, insulated water bottles, ceramic mugs or sports water bottles, etc.!