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Rechargeable wireless Bluetooth headphones

Material: ABS
Size : 45 x 54
Packing: Carton
Printing: Silk screen printing

產品編號 EL3116 Category


The true wireless separated body abandons the cables that bind people, and connects them in series through the transmission chip, giving both ears a freer and more shocking true wireless stereo enjoyment;

Wear one and two ears at will, free your hands when driving and office calling, making calls convenient and safe;

Powerful power reserve, up to 24 hours, and the storage case can continue to provide the battery life of the earbuds

A more miniature and compact appearance allows you to wear invisible without burden;

Silicone ear caps are more ergonomic, giving you a more comfortable, snug, and stable wearing experience.


1.?Listen to songs and make phone calls, support listening to songs and making and receiving calls;

2.?Caller number, last code callback, full intelligent Chinese and English voice prompts, power on, pairing, shutdown and disconnection of the mobile phone with low battery will all voice prompts;

3.?One to two connections, can be connected to 2 mobile phones at the same time (one earphone is connected to one mobile phone) (one earphone is connected to one mobile phone);

4.?Every time the Bluetooth headset is connected to the mobile phone and turned off, it will automatically connect back to the mobile phone when the Bluetooth headset is turned on, which is more convenient and faster;

5. Smart compatibility: support all mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, singing bars, Q music, movies, etc. with Bluetooth function, universal all mobile phones.