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Smart tea moisture insulation cup

Material: Stainless steel + PP
Size: 21.5*6.3cm
Packing: Carton

Tea soup separation, easy twisting, quickly realize tea separation, concentration can be adjusted at will, no need to worry about drinking tea when drinking tea, enjoy the taste, endless aftertaste
On the top of the cup lid, the high-sensitivity temperature detector has the temperature display function, no need to charge, it is displayed at a light touch, the temperature is visible at a glance, and the cold and warm are self-aware to avoid scalding
Silicone seal leak-proof, inverted without water leakage, the whole body is waterproof, and there is no pressure to clean
DST temperature locking process is adopted, and the 7-layer insulation structure is layer-by-layer temperature locked, and the temperature is kept for a long time
The cup body is sprayed with plastic spraying technology, and the overall texture is frosted, which is comfortable to the touch and not easy to slip in the hand
Selected delicate sandblasted 304 stainless steel liner material, which integrates the advantages of corrosion resistance, acid resistance, and oxidation resistance, so that you can drink water more assured

Times Gifts provides customized service of thermos cups to tailor unique gifts. Whether it is as a corporate gift, promotional giveaway or souvenir, Times Gift can print the company LOGO or other patterns on the thermos cup according to your needs and requirements.

A thermos mug is a practical and popular gift option because it has a thermal insulation function that keeps the temperature of the drink constant for a long time. Not only does this make your customers or employees feel intimate, but it also boosts your brand image. The customized service of thermos cup includes a variety of styles and capacity options to meet the needs of different customers. You can choose different colors, materials, and designs to ensure that the mug matches your brand’s style. In addition to printing the LOGO, Times Gifts also offers other customization options, such as lettering or stickers, etc., to increase the uniqueness of the thermos mug. These custom designs can make the gift more personalized and make the recipient feel cared for and cared for.

Whether you want to order a small number of thermos cups as gifts, or need to order a large number of them as advertising cups, Times Gifts can provide high-quality services and competitive prices. Times Gift is committed to providing customers with high-quality products and perfect after-sales service.