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Sports spray water bottles

Material: PC, PE, PP
Size : 63 x 240
Packing: color box

產品編號 BT3145 Category Tag

It is made of food-grade plastic, heat-resistant -20 °C ~ 100 °C and will not secrete harmful substances when heated, and the spray can cool and moisturize

The seal is inverted and does not leak, and the suction nozzle is automatically sealed when the lid is tight, and the seal is guaranteed, and no matter how you shake it, it will not leak

Convenient and comfortable ring-lifting, you won’t feel uncomfortable for long-term carrying, more convenient to carry when traveling, and more comfortable without strangling

Intimate scale design, appropriate capacity, so that you can hold the water at will;

Small outlet, small flow of slow drinking, reduce the burden on the stomach, breathing and heart caused by rapid drinking after exercise

The sports spray bottle is suitable for a variety of occasions, and can be used as a gift for competition activities to remind athletes to properly replenish water, as a company gift, to send intimate care to the body of employees, and as a school celebration gift, to give encouragement to students’ sports performance;