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Plastic cups for sports straws

Material: PC, PP, silicone
Dimensions: 183 x 75
Packing: Boxed/OPP

產品編號 BT3062 Category

The bottle cap can be operated with one hand, portable and free, opened with one button, and the food silicone material straw

Portable hand holding ring, widened and thickened hands, multiple sealing structure design, inverted no water leakage and no water seepage

The intimate threaded plastic design of the cup body fits tightly to the palm of the hand, effectively non-slip, and the cup body is transparent and visible, and the water capacity is clearly visible!

Rounded and smooth cup mouth, using high-quality and high light transmittance PC material, the workmanship is rigorous and fine, and the cup mouth is round and smooth.

Sports straw plastic cup is a good helper for your sports hydration, but also a good choice for gifts, customized LOGO or promotional slogans, as event gifts, corporate gifts, promotional gifts or business gifts are a good choice, customized thermos cups can effectively convey your brand image and concept, so that the publicity effect is twice the result with half the effort.