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Square-shaped soft-tip highlighter

Material: ABS
Packaging : OPP

產品編號 ST3073 Category Tag

Square soft-tip highlighter, soft color eye protection, fine ink evenly without dipping ink

The rectangular barrel and sleek water chestnut make it comfortable to use and easy to write

Large-capacity enlarged pencil bag, one at most multiple, durable and can be used to write and take notes with peace of mind

The use of high-density fiber nib, the writing is soft and smooth, and the pen and ink are evenly inked, so that each stroke is smooth and free, such as flowing water

Fluorescent color, light ink, low saturation water-based pigment does not cover the text, the ink is uniform, the writing is smooth, and it is more suitable for key marking

Suitable for multiple purposes, whether it’s note-taking, highlighting or DIY drawing, one highlighter meets all your needs

Let the square soft-tip highlighter be your creative assistant and make every mark more accurate and comfortable!